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C-ITS: the key element of C-Roads Platform

In 2016, the C-Roads platform was launched. Experts from different national pilots have been working together on the deployment of harmonized and interoperable Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) services in Europe, which includes 43 European cities. The key foundations for all national pilot deployments are the joint developments of technical specifications and cross-site tests to demonstrate the interoperability of the deployed C-ITS services.

The overall objective is to increase the efficiency of traffic management and improve road safety. This implies supplying or upgrading the relevant road network with innovative technologies that allow road operators infrastructure and vehicles to interact and exchange information using both its G5 and mobile network technologies via the hybrid communication approach.

After four years of hard work and close cooperation between vehicle manufacturers and road operators, these services have now been tested and are available to European users. In the coming years, the focus will be on extending the coverage of these services over more kilometers of the European road network and adding new services and quality improvements.