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C-ITS technology in modern vehicles

Assist systems such as Emergency Assist, Side Assist, and Lane Assist, which make driving more relaxed and can help to avoid accidents or mitigate their consequences, are instances of C-ITS technology in vehicles. While Emergency Assist brings the vehicle to a stop if the driver is no longer able to do so in a medical emergency, Lane Assist helps to stop the vehicle leaving its lane unintentionally. Side Assist monitors traffic behind and next to the vehicle.


C-ITS components such as front and rear radars, four area view cameras, ultrasound sensors, etc., are assembled in vehicles to collect data from the surrounding area (e.g. road signs and navigation data). The driving assist systems then analyze the collected data and perform appropriate actions in accordance with the current traffic situation.


Car2X is another common C-ITS technology in modern vehicles, which allows them to exchange information about local hazards with other vehicles as well as the traffic infrastructure via the wireless standard WLAN p. For example, Volkswagen Golf 8, ID.3 and ID.4 models can connect to the traffic infrastructure to receive instant warnings from a maximum distance of 800 meters.